Common Questions


What is corporate law and why is it important to me?

Corporate law is the body of state and federal rules that govern your business. It determines everything from your rights in all of your contracts, to your obligations to your employees, to how you can collect money from your customers.  Failure to understand and abide by corporate laws is the downfall of many businesses. 

How do I get a consultation to see if you can help?

Call or email us. You will speak to an attorney, not a paralegal or call screener. We will be happy to talk to you about your issues and set up a follow-up consultation as needed. There is never a charge for consultations. 

How do you structure your rates?

We charge an hourly fee of $375 per hour, significantly less than similar attorneys in the area. What's more, you will never be charged for routine phone calls or emails. We want you to be able to contact us with your legal questions without fear of incurring unnecessary charges.   

Do you offer any flat-fee pricing?

Yes we do. On matters where the time involved is predictable such as incorporations and certain contracts, you will have the certainty of a flat fee.    

What's the most important part of the client-attorney relationship?

Trust. We want you to feel you can rely on us to give you the best possible legal services both now and well into the future. That means being available to you, being straightforward, and charging you a fair rate. 


How can I contact you if it's an emergency?

We recognize that legal issues often need quick responses. In those instances, we are available by cell phone. Additionally, you can use this convenience if you have already left a message on the office line and have not heard a prompt response.


What if I already have an attorney and want a second opinion?

We will gladly assess the progress of your existing case or provide a second viewpoint on an existing matter should you request it. 

What if I have a legal issue that is not in your field? 

As general counsel for many companies, we have a wide network of trusted outside lawyers to whom we will refer highly specialized work such as estate planning, immigration, and complex tax matters.